Benefits -


The Benefits of Teaching essential Skills

To Children in Educational Institutions

Empowerment: empowers them to take control of their own lives, make informed decisions, and become more self-sufficient.

Increased Confidence: Develops a sense of confidence and self-esteem, which will serve them well in all areas of life.

Problem-solving: Essential life skills such as time management, decision-making, and critical thinking help children develop problem-solving skills that will be useful throughout their lives.

Improved Communication: Teaching communication skills such as active listening, public speaking, and effective writing will help children communicate more effectively with others and build stronger relationships.

Financial literacy is an essential life skill that will help children manage their money responsibly and make sound financial decisions.

Stress Management: Children who learn stress management skills will be better equipped to handle the challenges and pressures of life.

Real-World Application: Cooking, laundry, and basic home repairs, etc., can be applied in real-world situations, making children more self-sufficient and independent.

Positive Habits: Helps children develop positive habits that will
Relationship between QSkills and academic success

Skills and academic success are correlated and help each other, and we will understand the significance of these skills in the academic lives of children.