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N.S.Vicky Ganapathi Head Sales Operations 1

N.S.Vicky Ganapathi
Head Sales Operations

Nupur Purohit North Regional Manager

Nupur Purohit (North)
Regional Manager

Welcome to a realm where expertise converges and knowledge intertwines, giving rise to a symphony of QSkills. Our team isn’t just a lineup; it’s a vibrant tapestry woven with passion, creativity, and the shared goal of nurturing critical skills for life.


We understand that the fusion of minds and the cross-pollination of ideas yield the most profound results. Our collaboration isn’t an option; it’s the essence of our success. We’re more than a sum of parts; we’re a harmonious blend of talents, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Hena Khanam BDM Chandigarh

Hena Khanam
(BDM Chandigarh)


Collaboration, to us, means dismantling the barriers between skills. We believe in a holistic approach that recognises the interconnectedness of emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and time management. Through our teamwork, we showcase how these skills harmonise to create a stronger whole.


We’re perpetual students, just like you. Our collaboration extends to you, our community. We learn from your stories, questions, and feedback. This reciprocal relationship fuels our growth and ensures our guidance resonates with the beautiful diversity of human experience.

Deepti GoswamiBDM Gaziabad

Deepti Goswami
(BDM Gaziabad)

Join us as we fuse minds, bridge skills, and orchestrate personal evolution.
Let’s uncover the symphony of essential life skills, creating a masterpiece together.