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QSkills School Partnering

Benefits to Schools / Key Deliverables

1. Digital learning (offline/online) and improved curriculum curate.

2. Teachers On boarding /Offloading.

3. Teachers training and assessment

4. Promotions and marketing for student admissions / admissions drive or campaign (including WEB based).

5. Take accountability of results/output of students.

6. Committed to enriching educational experiences for students, schools & parents.

7. Staff/Employee management.

8. Branding of school.

9. Skill development programs – with our most sought after QSkills holistic learning program spanning over 56 topics critical to youth development.

10. Conduct practical skills development programs

11. Practical engagement activities like
      a) Agriculture
      b) Pottery
      c) Arts and crafts
      d) Emergencies care Yoga
      e) Yoga
      f) And other work shops that are future ready.

12. Tutorial management and additional revenue.

13. Very effective, engagement and teaching method.

14. Personality development, assessment and report and work on the weak points of students

15. ERP system.

16. Parents, students and teachers’ engagement – through tech enabled platform.

17. Teachers’ personality, behavior and performance monitoring system

18. Q&A department for teachers students’ assessments.

19. R&D team to work on curriculum, with a progressive approach.

20. Back-end team to analyse, deep dive to expand the business. Terms& opportunities of opening new branches etc.

21. Provide senior and strategic leadership support) targeted activities (such as academic support and monitoring)

22. Online teaching options

23. Our association with promotions and branding will help increase in admissions and increase revenues for Institutions.

24. Exclusive sports curriculum to nurture children’s overall personality.

25. Adhere to educational policies and processes.

26. Introduce value added courses that are critical to students’development.

27. Prepare students for competitive exams

28. Psychometric assessments

29. Student counselling

30. QSkills academic certifications

31. Trained and certified teachers

32. Readiness to NEP standard curriculum*

33. Exclusively hire teachers trainers.

The Administrators/institution benefit by gaining:

1. Enhances & streamlines revenues, expenses & cost effective, well aligned logistics.
2. Better relationships with students, parents, and teachers.
3. Far reaching visibility, marketing, campaign, increase in admissions, popularity among the proximity.
4. Fewer complaints from parents.
5. Better useof resources.
6. Increased communication with parents.

Greater parents and community support The students benefit by gaining:

1. Higher achievement and motivation to learn.
2. Skill based& holistic learning experienceas an adolescent well prepared to grow as leaders of the future.
3. Importance to ensure their psychological well-being, so that they may emerge as well balanced adults.
4. A positive attitude toward school.
5. Better-quality homework and more frequent completion of homework with better attendance.
6. Decreased dropout rates, suspensions, and discipline problems.
7. Improved self-confidence.

The Teachers benefit by gaining:

1. Improved morale
2. Positive teaching experience
3. More support and appreciation f rom parents
4. Fewer discipline issues
5. Responsive students
6. Lower stress and frustration
7. Closer relationships with students
8. Higher expectations for all students